Lets play Catch up

Well hello there, hmmm ok i’m still not sure how I want to start a post; a tutor from uni said I write how I talk ( not smart basically…thanks sir), personally I like that about myself I feel it adds character and you get a sense of my humour in what I write, obviously not suitable for uni essays but anyways i’m going off topic. I wanted to give you some background information. So I started youtube in 2011 as two friends at college told me too,


fast forward to now and i’m still doing it! it really is my favourite hobby! I do still work fulltime as I don’t earn any money from YouTube.

My channel is full of tutorials makeup and hair



and travel vlogs


I also do hauls and reviews on everything and anything I also shared my journey with fast-braces, that was a huge part in my lack of self confidence and so glad I finally managed to change them.

and the most recent change is that I am now part of the design team for vintage rose studios, a company on etsy that creates stickers for planners, I’ve always been into stationary and planning and discovered this whole new wold and I LOVE IT, if you check out our shop and place an order over £10 use code Lash15 always here to help.

soooo yeah thats pretty much and super quick catch up to how i’ve landed here

I hope you enjoyed the read



(p.s do you like the gossip girl style sign off?)



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