What you’ll find on my site


Ok so I tried this whole blog thing a while back and I felt it wasn’t me, the site was full of colour and pastels which just DOES NOT portray my all black soul. If you’ve found my site through my youtube channel then you already know who I am, if not let me introduce myself ; my name is Lashanna, Im 24 years old and I have a youtube channel. My youtube channel has everything from makeup tutorials, hauls and vlogs; I wanted to create a hub for everything really. I know that some people love watching youtube and some people love reading blogs and I thought this site would be a great way to have both. So like I said earlier I tried this whole blog thing a while back, I thought if I made it colourful and pretty it would attract people, but if anything it repelled me! Not what it should have done. After recently wanting to really focus on building my youtube I realised that a site would be the best place to start, it looks professional and has all my links attached.


This time around I decided to keep it as true to me as possible as that is what my youtube is about too! If you watch my videos you’ll already know that I don’t over edit my videos as I like to keep them a true to real life as possible..I mean you cant edit life so why edit the you that you portray to the world…Lets be honest though, we’ve all edited an instagram photo (inserts monkey covering eyes emoji). So as not to ramble on in my intro too much what will you find here on my site? Well after talking it though with Kirsty, whom you should have all seen in one of my vlogs at least, I decided that I was going to try and post a few times a week on here. One would be a write up of my video that had gone live on the Sunday and the other posts would be whatever tickled my fancy …  decided that a personal struggle or story time would be good as I struggle with anxiety and depression, and I’ve found great ways to tackle through this non medicated, again another looong story. I also want to post an outfits of the week from a chosen website of choice, for example my top picks that are new and reviews of makeup items etc I have also become part of the design team for VintageRoseStudios which is a sticker company who create amazing sticker kits for planners…..so, if that sounds good to you then make sure to follow me on instagram as I will be posting on there when a new post is up on the site! 


Im really excited about this new adventure and hope you enjoy my deep side as well as my light makeup loving side. 

until next time 



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