Fast forward to the end on January


So towards the end of summer I needed a new job luckily my friends was able to set me up with an amazing opportunity for a company who makes gymnastic and cheerleading garments. This was my first taste of the fashion industry and needless to say I had NO IDEA how much went into making clothing, however the area in which I was in just wasn’t for me and neither was all the overtime I had to do in December hence the no blogging… I decided that I wanted to get on the hunt for something else and..well something amazing fell right into my lap I didn’t even had to apply!

With my new job came a new city, town and home and im just starting to get settled in and figure out how YouTube my blog is going to fit in,which I think is looking really

so to get into the swing of things I thought this little update was needed in case you’d read earlier posts and wondered where I had disappeared to.

until next time




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