My holy grail hair products 

Welcome back! Ok so with me moving to a different city I’ve packed up my bags and brought all the necessities. So my room back home was a lot bigger and I had a whole desk set up with all my makeup and hair products but I can’t bring everything here so had to narrow down my hair products. After killing my hair years ago to get pixie Lott white blonde hair (I do not reccomend if your hair is naturally as dark as mine ) I’ve stuck strictly to professional hair products; it also really helped that I worked in on of my best friends salons for two and half years. One thing o will say my hair can handle ALOT of products it just eats them all up so if you don’t have dry hair id only reccomend some of the oils you won’t need all like me and yes I even use an oil based shine spray! 

Ok so shampoo and conditioner 

Caviar repair Instat recovery amazing and super moisturising (wouldn’t reccomend 2shampoo’s with this if your hair doesn’t need extraconditioning) and always give your hair two shampoos; and it mind sound silly but conditioner mid lengths not ends NOT ON YOUR ROOTS, youll be surprised how many people put it on their roots. 

Post wash is where I really get product happy and believe it or not I can put more on but obviously left them at home 

So step 1 roots caviar lengthening hair and scalp elixir (this basically makes all the hair that’s growing super health) 

Orofluido Asia (or original I obviously have both) like a 10p size amount mid length to ends same with the kerastase Elixir ultimate. This is the newest addiction I got it in a beauty box for Christmas and love it! 

And finally I spray on the fudge try blo which is a heat protection with added prime and shine and the the cloud 9 quick dry potion which I actually don’t need because my hair dries stupidly fast but like I said I’m a product junkie. 

Post Blow dry and straighten I spritz on the Orofluido shine spray and the fudge light headed hair oil and IM DONE! . I repeat this every 5-10 days depending on my social life and hair, there are times I got two weeks without washing my hair I just doesnt go greesy it just goes dry looking. 

Hope you enjoyed the read, let me know what your holy grail products are, 

Until next time 



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