My current top 3 eyeshadow palettes 

Happy Wednesday evening; or whenever it is that you stumble upon this post, so after sharing my favourite hair products I thought I’d share my go to eyeshadow pallets of the moment. These three have come with me wherever I go some newer than others but they’re all I need at the moment. 

So the one I have had the longest is the Bh cosmetics shaanxo palette.

As you can see this palette has been well loved, I will admit I only bought this because I love Shannon and to support fellow youtubers but honestly this palette was and is my life it’s day to night in one palette and its girly and edgy at the same time. It does come with 9 lipsticks but I don’t really use them. 

Obviously a morphe palette had to be in here! I was strongly I love with the 350 until I met the 35p (see below)

As you can see it’s very purple but brown at the same time again it’s day to night in one palette a common feature in any palette I invest in. The reason I love this so much is because it’s purple it’s my favourite colour and just love how it looks in the eyes obvsiouly on the daily I’m a brown smokey eye girl at heart, but a pop of purple every now and again just can’t go a miss. 

And finally the newest baby the ciate X Chloe morello 

Since I got this at Christmas I’ve literally used it everyday ive never used shadows with this formula before its amazing! Even the the lightest shades show up the pigment is amazing. As you can probably tell I love palettes that have a nice brown eye shadow look, purple and sparkles. 
So now you’ve seen my top three comment below what your favourites are and any other posts you’d like she see.

Until next time 



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