Foundations and concealer 

So I’m back after A little break I’ve had an awful chesty cough so my lack of imagination has been awful as well as my lack of sleep! 

Anyways your not here for my excuses you here to read what my current favourite foundations and concealer sand yes there’s more than one 😂 

So these are all pretty new to me I’ve had the first one since December this is the urban decay all nighter foundation.

I love this foundation and I truly put it through its tests (if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know), I napped it in and even showered and YES it lasts. For me I love full coverage foundations so if you don’t I don’t think any of these will be for you. 

The next one I’ve had a few weeks it’s the loreal infallible total cover of course the advert sold me! It covered tattoos so it would easily cover my scars and discolouration. Again this is long lasting however the only fail is the shade range the one thing I’ve always struggled with this is a little too dark for me, so perfect post holidays I think. 

And finally the new love of my life I kid you not! I’m currently enjoying making my way through my sample of the Clinique beyond perfection foundation and concealer. 

This little beauty keeps my oils at bay for over 12hours and the colour match AMAZING. I always as my friends what they think of my foundation and my mum said she loves this one on me so we know I will be buying this when my sample runs out. 

Now it’s time to make those undereyes as perfect as the skin my holy grail concealer is my collection yes silly cheap but I live for it. 

I’ve used this for a long as I can remember obviously I always try new things I’m a makeup junkie, but this is always a staple in my collection. 

Whilst trying new things I’m stumbled upon the next one.

Meet the urban decay naked skin concealer again i love this however it’s rare I have makeup free says and I used finished this rather quickly and I’m cheap if rather have a cheaper one that lasts longer…..enter the nyx above and beyond concealer.

Not gonna lie this was a risk as its creamy and I was worried about it creasing under my eyes which it hasn’t and I still don’t know how not lol. Needless to say I love and it’s price tag. If you havnt tried anything from nyx I suggest you do. 

Let me know of others you think I should try, untill next time 



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