Wellness Wednesday..My experience of my first microdermabrasion facial 

Welcome back and to the first wellness Wednesday post! So if you weren’t aware my New Years resolution was to take better care of myself and to attempt to Love/like myself. So in doing so I’ve decided to take steps to improve my skin if you haven’t watched the Video I posted today you’d not know what other steps I’m taking. Anywho I have dry patches, texture to my skin and scars from spots on the chin and mircodermabrasion is know for improving all these problems I’ll leave the image of leaflet below I was given at the end of my first treatment. 

So as you can see the one I had is by skin base to sum it up briefly it’s 20 minutes of getting tiny crystals fired at your sling and hovered back up 😂. Honestly it’s not painful at all it’s strangely relaxing. So seeing as your having a layer of skin removed post facial your face can be a little red more common on the cheeks and mine was a little red too. It’s was quite sensitive almost as tho it was a little sunburnt but not awful, you just have to make sure you keep it moisturised and don’t make my mistake and use a tingling moisturiser because that definetly wasn’t fun. I then just used bio oil and it was fine. You can’t wear makeup for 12 hours post facial and seeing as I felt like I’d angered it with the tingling foundation I went 3 days without makeup. Since the facial my face has been a little pealy nothing out of the ordinary but what I have noticed is that my makeup stays on SO MUCH better than before! And my T zone is not as oily and I know I can 100% put it down to the facial as that is the only thing that is different. The only thing that I was expecting which hasn’t happened is for my skin to feel softer however I’m hoping that with more treatments that will occur. After my 6th or 8th facial I will post before and after pictures as right now there’s no point. If your in the north west area I traveled back from Cheshire to Preston for mine as I only trust my little brothers Aunty with my procedures and she works at the beauty room just incase anyone wants to go and she’s called Cara. Let me know of any other skincare tips you have I’m open to trying new things, I have to epoch glacial marine mud mask being delivered this week as shank grimmond has amazing sling and that is what she uses #youtubemademedoit . 

If you’ve any questions feel free to leave them below. 

Untill next time 



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