Whiter teeth in a week!? 

Ok so for those who don’t know me my teeth have something I haven’t like all my life after paying for braces back in 2015 I think. I’ve not finished with that I’d like to do too my teeth but I always feel like I’m a little content when they’re nice and white I mean who isn’t!? 

So when I saw that Colgate where claiming for you to have whiter teeth in a week I had to give it a try .

Believe it or not the mouth wash claims a whiter smile after one use! And I have to say I noticed it did make my teeth look a little whiter I’m not gonna lie I was pleasently surprised. 

Now I haven’t waited a week because I can tell

Already but I will do an update don’t you worry this has been two days!  Both in natural light and no editing!! 

Untill next time 



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