How I got into planning 

So if you follow me on instgram or are subscribed to my YouTube channel you will know that I plan my weeks and they look beautiful with the sticker kits I use. I’ve been an avid user of planners since high school I don’t know about you but I took so much pride in my planner 😂. 

Two years ago my planner was the Happiness planner and I really did love it however as it was structured for you and told you what to do that month etc so I decided to try something else and I decided to go with the planner of all planners the Erin condren life planner. 

I’d seen people on YouTube using the planner and putting stickers in and I thought it was something that I’d like and it is! It’s so therapeutic and most importantly I’m guaranteed that time alone every week to do my planning. I startled by going to hobby craft and buying some washy tape and pens and small kits like what I used below 

I then being park of the DT team for VRS you’ll see from my pictures that my use of stickers has grown and there is not a lot of white space anymore. I love the freedom to place them how you like makes the kits look different in everyone’s planners.  You’ll see that the main shop I use in vintage rose studios as they where the first shop I ever bought from and being part of the design team is a great perk. For me planning makes sure I don’t forget anything firstly but also gives me a clear brain and keeps my anxiety at bay.

I  then started to get creative on the monthly pages 

Needles to say trying to choose just a few to

Show you was hard! But your pretty much up to date, what are some of your hobbies? If you do check out the shop don’t forget to use code Lash10

Until next time 



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