Where i’ve been and wish list.

So you would have seen that originally I had set up a plan on what I waned to blog about and obviously i’ve failed. In all honesty I feel the pressures of youtube and blogging when im tying to reach personal finacial goals. I just feel like people want someone who can afford to be buying all the latest things and quite frankly I just can’t.  When im on a no spend ban  literally spend nothing ive spent the majority of this year buying nothing, using up foundations and attempting to get out of uni debt!. I mean the fenty makeup is defo on my list of things to get.


So i’m going to remove these pressures from myself and blog about everything and anything, so I thought third time lucky we could come back with my wishlish for the next few months financially and life goals. Banck in june i reached one main goal which was to get a new car, since becoming a nanny my little fiat500 Freya wasn’t cutting it anymore so after years of my nana telling me I need a bigger car I finally got one! My new baby Avery, a beaut Audi a1 OBVS! I mean he’s not huge but 5 doors and bigger than the fiat. It’s a small step up anyways, unfotunatley however avery has been in the garage for  3 weeks after a minor accident whis was not my fault in any way but owell he’ll be back as new next week when I get him back.

So my goals for the next few months financil and personal are as follows

  1. Get Edinburgh paid off (New years trip)
  2. Get overdraft paid off (Should be by November)
  3. Get composite veneers consultation booked.
  4. loose at least 6lbs (summer body in winter you know)
  5. Be back on track with youtube/blog
  6. Be happy in myself.

What goals have you got set for youself? I honestly can’t believe we are almost at the end of 2017!! please feel free to leave any blog post requests every little helps.

untill next time



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